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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It seems that by the hands of grace I have survived to post once again. Each day alive is a blessing, is it not? 

There are many dangers in this world. Humans are fragile creatures. Weapons are everywhere. Death is like a silent lover, always eager to kiss the lips of the living. How naive we humans are if we do not measure the importance of life on a daily basis. 

Ah, but what right does a murderer have to speak on such a subject as this? None, I suppose.

Survival. It is the highest priority for all creatures, is it not? Even the inanimate and the abstract exist for the sake of existing. I wonder... if tomorrow you and I met in a quiet alley, would you survive? I pray you and I never meet under hostile circumstances. I have rarely let a contract escape me, and it would be very upsetting to my conscious if I killed a curious reader such as yourself. Perhaps you can manage to avoid biting the bullet if you pay close attention to my posts, yes?

If that fateful hunt ever ensues, I advise you to run very quickly. The chase is always exciting, and its harder to shoot a moving target. 

This is quite a boring subject, isn't it? 

I apologize if I wasted your time with this post. I have used my allotted time to write poorly. Excuse my idle thoughts.

I will hopefully update again soon


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